Play Euromillions Online For More Security

by Theo on July 7, 2011

Believe it or not, each year lottery companies are left with millions of unclaimed prize money.  They know a winning ticket has been sold yet no one comes to claim it or there is a winning combination and the winner just doesn’t show up to collect his dues.

It happens a lot more than we would care to know and it is just one of those things in life.  But how does it happen? There are many possible scenarios. Here is but one of them:

Ticket Forgotten

The player doesn’t remember he bought a ticket and it lies there in his wallet or in some drawer. By the time he finds it by a sheer stroke of even more extra luck, he is defeated by the rules and finds out that the time window in which he was able to collect his winnings has closed a couple of months ago.

Most lotteries put a limit on the time they make the funds available to winners and gains have to be collected within the allotted time frames or be forfeited.

How to avoid this?

That is an easy one. Buy your lottery ticket online! If you do win, you will start receiving emails telling you that you won! It goes even further: the money will be credited to your online agency account to your name! Naturally, if you grab the main prize, the agency will not credit your account with 130+ million Euros, but they’ll go to great lengths to get in touch with you.

Playing online has many more advantages, the most important one of them being that you will have more security.

  1. You can’t lose your ticket.
  2. No one can steal your ticket from you.
  3. Someone will warn you if you won a large amount.

So there we have it, playing the lottery online is a vast improvement from a security point of view by any standard.

How to buy a lottery ticket online

Open your browser and visit where you register.

TheLotter is an official lottery agency and they represent many lottery organizations worldwide. You can buy Euromillions tickets or participate in the draws of official lotteries in countries such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Turkey, the US or even South-Africa!

You will see an astonishing array of lotteries from different countries you can choose to participate with. The more you play, the more discount the agency will offer, this way, you will get rewarded for your loyalty and custom by cheaper tickets.

Before I forget, you will get your first ticket free from the online agency when you purchase your first official lottery ticket, so take advantage.



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